Generation No. 1

1. JOHN1 CRAWFORD was born Abt. 1687 in Ayershire, Scotland, and died Abt. 1748 in PA. It is believed that he emigrated to America with the ancestors of Andrew Jackson. Children of COLONEL JOHN CRAWFORD are: 2. i. ROBERT (Major)2 CRAWFORD, b. 1726-1728, Ireland; d. October 8, 1801, Lancaster Co., PA. 3. ii. JAMES CRAWFORD, SR., b. 1728-1734, Lancaster, PA (or Ireland?); d. 1777-1779, Waxhaws Settlement, SC. 4. iii. JOSEPH CRAWFORD, b. 1730-1732. iv. CATHERINE CRAWFORD, b. 1734. v. MARY CRAWFORD, b. 1736. vi. ELIZABETH CRAWFORD, b. 1738; m. JOHN ELIAS HUTCHINSON, June 26, 1763, Lancaster Co., PA. vii. GEORGE CRAWFORD, b. 1740. viii. ARTHUR CRAWFORD, b. 1740. ix. WILLIAM CRAWFORD, b. 1744; d. August 3, 1826, Greene Co., PA; m. ALICE KENNEDY.

Generation No. 2

2. MAJOR ROBERT2 CRAWFORD (JOHN1) was born 1726-1728 in Ireland, and died October 8, 1801 in Lancaster, SC. He married JANE "JEAN" WHITE May 1762 in (or 1763 ? ), daughter of WILLIAM WHITE and SARAH. George Washington stayed in their home May 27th through May 28th in 1791. Children of ROBERT CRAWFORD and JANE WHITE are: i. SARAH3 CRAWFORD, m. ISAAC DANNON, March 2, 1784. ii. MARY CRAWFORD. iii. JAMES CRAWFORD, m. AGNES COUSER. iv. ISABELLA CRAWFORD. 5. v. WILLIAM CRAWFORD. vi. ROBERT CRAWFORD, JR.. vii. MARTHA CRAWFORD, m. THOMAS WILLIAMS. viii. JOHN CRAWFORD, d. July 15, 1833, Gallatin Co., IL; m. ANN PHIFER. ix. JEAN CRAWFORD. x. ELIZABETH CRAWFORD, m. WILLIAM VAUGHAN. 3. JAMES2 CRAWFORD, SR. (JOHN1) was born 1728-1734 in Lancaster, PA (or Ireland?), and died 1777-1779 in Waxhaws Settlement, SC. He married JANET "JENNETT" HUTCHINSON Bef. 1750 in Lancaster Co., PA (?). Children of JAMES CRAWFORD and JANET HUTCHINSON are: 6. i. JAMES3 CRAWFORD, JR., b. Abt. 1755, Waxhaw Settlement, SC; d. March 1816, Wilson Co., TN. 7. ii. MARTHA CRAWFORD, b. Waxhaws Settlement, SC. iii. MARGARET CRAWFORD. iv. ELIZABETH CRAWFORD, b. Abt. 1765, Waxhaws Settlement, SC; d. Waxhaws Settlement, SC; m. MARTIN MCGRAY. It has been written that Elizabeth died of freight. v. MARY CRAWFORD, b. Waxhaws Settlement, SC. vi. JENNIE CRAWFORD, b. Waxhaws Settlement, SC. vii. THOMAS CRAWFORD, b. Abt. 1752, Cumberland, PA (?); d. January 3, 1811, Waxhaws Settlement, SC; m. ELIZABETH PATTERSON, Abt. 1774, Waxhaws Settlement, SC. viii. ALEXANDER CRAWFORD, b. September 28, 1750, Cumberland Co., PA; d. 1770, Lancaster Co., PA; m. ELIZABETH CRAIGHEAD. ix. JOHN CRAWFORD, m. SNEAD. He became a Methodist Minister. Had no children. x. GEORGE CRAWFORD. xi. JOSEPH CRAWFORD, d. 1781, Charleston, SC. xii. WILLIAM CRAWFORD, b. Abt. 1762, Waxhaws Settlement, SC; d. 1781, Waxhaws Settlement, SC. It is written that he studied law with Andrew Jackson in NC. 4. JOSEPH2 CRAWFORD (JOHN1) was born 1730-1732. Child of JOSEPH CRAWFORD is: i. WILLIAM H.3 CRAWFORD.

Generation No. 3

5. WILLIAM3 CRAWFORD (ROBERT2, JOHN1). He married MARY PHIFER. Child of WILLIAM CRAWFORD and MARY PHIFER is: i. WILLIAM DUNLOP4 CRAWFORD. 6. JAMES3 CRAWFORD, JR. (JAMES2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1755 in Waxhaw Settlement, SC, and died March 1816 in Wilson Co., TN. He married CHRISTIANA WHITE Abt. 1777 in Waxhaw Settlement, SC, daughter of WILLIAM WHITE and SARAH. Children of JAMES CRAWFORD and CHRISTIANA WHITE are: 8. i. ELIZABETH4 CRAWFORD, b. Waxhaws Settlement, SC; d. 1848, Randolph Co., IL. ii. WILLIAM WHITE CRAWFORD. iii. SARAH CRAWFORD, b. Waxhaw's Settlement, SC; m. Rev. JOHN SPINKS. iv. ISABELLA CRAWFORD. v. HENRIETTA CRAWFORD, m. JOSEPH GLASS. vi. JANE CRAWFORD, b. Waxhaw's Settlement, SC; m. WILLIAM PRESTON HANNA. vii. JAMES LESLEY CRAWFORD, b. June 9, 1793, Waxhaws Settlement, SC; d. February 4, 1868, San Saba, TX; m. BARTHENY OWENS, August 22, 1815, Maury, TN. viii. ANDREW JACKSON CRAWFORD (Rev.), b. 1796, Waxhaws Settlement, SC; d. June 26, 1866; m. MARGARET WEBSTER KELLY, November 3, 1823, Madison, AL. 9. ix. MARGARET CRAWFORD, b. June 24, 1787, Waxhaw's Settlement, SC; d. March 22, 1816, Wilson Co., TN. 7. MARTHA3 CRAWFORD (JAMES2, JOHN1) was born in Waxhaws Settlement, SC. She married SAMUEL MILLER August 10, 1792. Child of MARTHA CRAWFORD and SAMUEL MILLER is: i. SAMUEL CRAFFORD4 MILLER, b. March 15, 1810, TN; d. November 10, 1864, Johnsonville, Humphreys Co., TN; m. MARIA GRIGG(S).

Generation No. 4

8. ELIZABETH4 CRAWFORD (JAMES3, JAMES2, JOHN1) was born in Waxhaws Settlement, SC, and died 1848 in Randolph Co., IL. She married JAMES HERVEY HANNA, SR. May 20, 1816 in Davidson Co., TN, son of JOHN HANNA and MARGARET HAMILTON. Children of ELIZABETH CRAWFORD and JAMES HANNA are: i. JOHN CALVIN5 HANNA, b. September 1822, Pope Co., IL; d. August 28, 1870, Kaskaskia Island, Randolph Co., IL; m. MARY-ANN BILDERBACK, September 9, 1847, Chester, Randolph Co., IL. ii. ELVIRA HANNA, b. 1818, TN; d. 1831, Pope Co., IL. iii. MARGARET MINERVA HANNA, b. 1820, Pope Co., IL; d. January 1858, Pope Co., IL; m. WILLIAM PERCY FOREMAN, August 10, 1836, Perry Co., IL. iv. JAMES HERVEY HANNA, JR., b. April 5, 1824, Pope Co., IL; d. 1905, Perry Co., IL; m. (1) M.ELIZ. ANN TROSTY, August 29, 1844, Pope Co., IL; m. (2) MARIAN DILLARD, March 1, 1857. v. ANDREW JACKSON HANNA, b. October 11, 1826, Pope Co., IL; d. December 12, 1858, Randolph Co., IL; m. NANCY BILDERBACK, August 7, 1849, Randolph Co., IL. vi. SARAH JANE HANNA, b. October 1834, Pope Co., IL; m. ROBERT W. DEAN, September 23, 1852, Randolph Co., IL. 9. MARGARET4 CRAWFORD (JAMES3, JAMES2, JOHN1) was born June 24, 1787 in Waxhaw's Settlement, SC, and died March 22, 1816 in Wilson Co., TN. She married GEORGE HAMILTON HANNA January 1, 1811 in Wilson Co., TN, son of JOHN HANNA and MARGARET HAMILTON. Children of MARGARET CRAWFORD and GEORGE HANNA are: i. SELINA CHRISTINA5 HANNA, b. October 1811, TN; d. May 4, 1883, Gallatin Co., IL; m. WM. R. CRAWFORD, 1852. ii. JOHN CALVIN HANNA, b. September 26, 1814, Wilson Co., TN; d. February 1887, Normal, IL; m. MARTHA WINCHESTER, September 11, 1840, Hanover, IN.

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