Descendants of JOST TRITZ

Generation No. 1

1. JOST1 TRITZ was born 1570 in Hochgerichmeyer, Bisinger, and died 1636. He married OTTILIA "ODILE" November 9, 1605. Children of JOST TRITZ and OTTILIA are: 2. i. PAUL2 TRITZ, b. 1615, Bizing; d. January 1688. ii. ANGELA TRITZ, m. MICHAEL ANTONMEYER, May 1637, Brettnach. 3. iii. PHILIPPE TRITZ, b. Niedaltdorf; d. 1683. 4. iv. MATHIAS TRITZ, b. Niedaltdorf; d. Abt. 1665.

Generation No. 2

2. PAUL2 TRITZ (JOST1) was born 1615 in Bizing, and died January 1688. He married ANNE HALSTROFF, daughter of HUBERT HALSTOFF and MARIE. Children of PAUL TRITZ and ANNE HALSTROFF are: 5. i. LAURENT3 TRITZ, b. 1660, Bizing; d. 1733. ii. JEANNE TRITZ, b. Halstroff, Alsace-Lorraine; m. LEONARD SELLEN. iii. MARGUERITE TRITZ, d. 1688, Sierck Les Bains. iv. NICOLAS TRITZ, b. 1640, Halstroff, Alsace-Lorraine; d. February 1717, Virming. v. GEORGE TRITZ, b. Abt. 1650, Halstroff, Alsace-Lorraine; d. Abt. 1700; m. MARIA PETRE. vi. GASPARD TRITZ, b. 1660, Bizing; d. April 25, 1714, Bizing; m. SUZANNA HESS, 1680. 3. PHILIPPE2 TRITZ (JOST1) was born in Niedaltdorf, and died 1683. He married MARGARETHA (BARBE?) WEISTOFF. Children of PHILIPPE TRITZ and MARGARETHA WEISTOFF are: i. ODILE3 TRITZ, m. JEAN-PIERRE MATHIS. ii. MICHEL TRITZ, b. 1630; d. 1682; m. JEANNE JAGER. iii. MARGUERITE TRITZ, b. 1640; d. January 1685; m. FREDERIC HAMMES. iv. VINCENT TRITZ, b. 1640; m. ANNA-CATHERINE JAGER. 6. v. ANTOINE TRITZ, b. 1640, Waldweistroff; d. December 19, 1729, Halstroff. 4. MATHIAS2 TRITZ (JOST1) was born in Niedaltdorf, and died Abt. 1665. He married SUZANNE WEISTROFF. Children of MATHIAS TRITZ and SUZANNE WEISTROFF are: i. SUZANNE3 TRITZ, m. NICOLAS SCHMITT. 7. ii. APOLLINE TRITZ. iii. MARIE TRITZ. iv. JEAN TRITZ. v. ADAM TRITZ, m. SUZANNE WEBER. vi. MARGUERITE TRITZ, m. JEAN BREME. vii. JOST TRITZ.

Generation No. 3

5. LAURENT3 TRITZ (PAUL2, JOST1) was born 1660 in Bizing, and died 1733. He married (1) BARBE MULLER. He married (2) MARIA HOFFMAN November 24, 1682 in Filstroff. Children of LAURENT TRITZ and MARIA HOFFMAN are: 8. i. PAUL4 TRITZ, b. 1689, Bizing; d. November 28, 1762, Bizing. ii. BARBE TRITZ, d. November 1754, Halstroff, Alsace-Lorraine; m. PAUL JACOB. iii. JEAN MICHEL TRITZ. iv. SUZANNE TRITZ, d. December 1759, Bizing; m. AUGUSTE NIGON. v. JEAN-NICOLAS TRITZ, b. 1681; d. November 1765, Bizing; m. CATHERINE SPIECK. vi. MATHIEU TRITZ, b. August 1694. vii. JEAN TRITZ, b. 1695; m. JEANNE (SUZANNE) SPICK. viii. JODORI (OR THEODORE) TRITZ, d. 1776, Waldweistroff; m. CATHERINE KOEGEL. 6. ANTOINE3 TRITZ (PHILIPPE2, JOST1) was born 1640 in Waldweistroff, and died December 19, 1729 in Halstroff. He married MARIA KUHN in Halstroff. Child of ANTOINE TRITZ and MARIA KUHN is: 9. i. MICHEL4 TRITZ, b. June 2, 1697, Halstroff; d. January 9, 1756, Halstroff. 7. APOLLINE3 TRITZ (MATHIAS2, JOST1). She married NICOLAS SCHMITT. Child of APOLLINE TRITZ and NICOLAS SCHMITT is: 10. i. JEAN SCHMIT4 SCHMIT, b. 1684; d. November 1762.

Generation No. 4

8. PAUL4 TRITZ (LAURENT3, PAUL2, JOST1) was born 1689 in Bizing, and died November 28, 1762 in Bizing. He married (1) SUZANNA BIDON. He married (2) ELIZABETH HERMAN Abt. 1736. Children of PAUL TRITZ and ELIZABETH HERMAN are: i. JEAN5 TRITZ, b. January 1737, Bizing; d. February 1791, Wadgassen; m. MARIE JAGER. ii. ANTOINE TRITZ, b. July 1739, Halstroff, Alsace-Lorraine. 11. iii. ADAM TRITZ, b. February 18, 1741, Halstroff, Alsace-Lorraine. iv. JACQUES TRITZ, b. January 1743, Bizing; d. April 1794, Longueville Les Cheminot; m. BARBE MARCHAL. v. MARIE-CATHERINE TRITZ, b. April 1744, Halstroff, Alsace-Lorraine. vi. LAURENT TRITZ, b. January 1746, Halstroff, Alsace-Lorraine; m. ANNE MARTIN. vii. SUZANNE TRITZ, b. June 1747, Halstroff, Alsace-Lorraine. viii. CATHERINE TRITZ, b. October 1749, Halstroff, Alsace-Lorraine; d. December 1804, Halstroff, Alsace-Lorraine; m. JACQUES MOUTHY. ix. NICOLAS TRITZ, b. November 1752, Halstroff, Alsace-Lorraine. 9. MICHEL4 TRITZ (ANTOINE3, PHILIPPE2, JOST1) was born June 2, 1697 in Halstroff, and died January 9, 1756 in Halstroff. He married JOHANNA GEYER. Child of MICHEL TRITZ and JOHANNA GEYER is: i. CATHERINE5 TRITZ, b. November 14, 1731, Halstroff; m. PIERRE LONG, 1751. 10. JEAN SCHMIT4 SCHMIT (APOLLINE3 TRITZ, MATHIAS2, JOST1) was born 1684, and died November 1762. He married MARIE SCHMIT. Children of JEAN SCHMIT and MARIE SCHMIT are: i. NICOLAS5 SCHMIT, b. 1729, Kirschnaumen; d. May 1808, Kirschnaumen; m. JEANNE TRITZ, February 1754, Kirschnaumen. ii. ELISABETH SCHMIT, b. 1735; d. December 1775.

Generation No. 5

11. ADAM5 TRITZ (PAUL4, LAURENT3, PAUL2, JOST1) was born February 18, 1741 in Halstroff, Alsace-Lorraine. He married (1) CATHERINE KUHN January 17, 1763 in Launstroff, Moselle, France, daughter of ANDRE KUHN and JOHANNA HERDER. Children of ADAM TRITZ and CATHERINE KUHN are: i. SUZANNE6 TRITZ, m. JEAN HISEL. ii. MARIE TRITZ, b. January 1772, Flatten. 12. iii. JEAN (JOHANN BAPTIST) TRITZ, b. November 14, 1774, Flatten; d. May 21, 1819, Tunsdorf, Trier, Germany. iv. MARGUERITE TRITZ, b. 1779, Fatten; d. November 1829, Bizing; m. PIERRE HOUTMAN, 1804.

Generation No. 6

12. JEAN (JOHANN BAPTIST)6 TRITZ (ADAM5, PAUL4, LAURENT3, PAUL2, JOST1) was born November 14, 1774 in Flatten, and died May 21, 1819 in Tunsdorf, Trier, Germany. He married (1) MARGARETA CHRIST December 6, 1793. He married (2) MARGUERITE (LEIDISCH) LEIDERS February 27, 1798 in Tunsdorf, Trier, Germany, daughter of PETER LEIDISCH and MARIA BEINING. Children of JEAN TRITZ and MARGUERITE LEIDERS are: i. MATHIAS7 TRITZ, b. June 16, 1799. 13. ii. ADAM N. TRITZ (TIDBIT), b. December 1, 1801, Tunsdorf, Trier, Germany; d. December 14, 1884. 14. iii. JOHN TRITZ (PIC) (TIDBIT), b. July 1, 1804, Prupia; d. Aft. 1870, IA. iv. PIERRE TRITZ, b. December 10, 1806, Tunsdorf, Trier, Germany; d. January 25, 1809, Tunsdorf, Trier, Germany.

Generation No. 7

13. ADAM N.7 TRITZ (JEAN (JOHANN BAPTIST)6, ADAM5, PAUL4, LAURENT3, PAUL2, JOST1) was born December 1, 1801 in Tunsdorf, Trier, Germany, and died December 14, 1884. He married MARIA WAGNER February 2, 1828 in Orscholz, daughter of MATTHIAS WAGNER and MARGARETHA BOHVOFEN. Children of ADAM TRITZ and MARIA WAGNER are: 15. i. JOHN ADAM8 TRITZ, b. 1830, Tunsdorf, Trier, Germany; d. January 1, 1876. 16. ii. NICHOLAS TRITZ, b. December 3, 1837, Tunsdorf, Trier, Germany; d. November 2, 1909. 17. iii. MATHIAS BARTHOLOMEUS TRITZ, b. April 13, 1841; d. November 27, 1915. iv. JOHN TRITZ, b. June 26, 1847, (Benedictine priest under name Father Mellitus); d. May 24, 1871. v. PETER TRITZ, b. 1847. 14. JOHN7 TRITZ (JEAN (JOHANN BAPTIST)6, ADAM5, PAUL4, LAURENT3, PAUL2, JOST1) was born July 1, 1804 in Prupia, and died Aft. 1870 in IA. He married MARY WALTERS 1832. Child of JOHN TRITZ and MARY WALTERS (PIC) is: 18. i. JOHN A.8 TRITZ, (PIC) b. April 14, 1835, Luxembourg, Germany; d. October 22, 1895, St. Donatus, IA.

Generation No. 8

15. JOHN ADAM8 TRITZ (ADAM N.7, JEAN (JOHANN BAPTIST)6, ADAM5, PAUL4, LAURENT3, PAUL2, JOST1) was born 1830 in Tunsdorf, Trier, Germany, and died January 1, 1876. He married MARIA SIREN February 7, 1854. Children of JOHN TRITZ and MARIA SIREN are: 19. i. SUSAN9 TRITZ. 20. ii. JOHN PETER TRITZ, b. October 30, 1856; d. September 21, 1928. iii. MATHIAS J. TRITZ, m. ELIZABETH KEMPER. iv. JOHN BAPTIST TRITZ. v. MARGARETHA TRITZ, m. MATT MANDORS. vi. NICHOLAS TRITZ, m. ANN STRETT. vii. MARIANNA TRITZ. viii. CAROLINE TRITZ, m. NICHOLAS MOOTZ. ix. CLEMENT N. TRITZ, b. January 1, 1868, St. Donatus, IA; d. July 4, 1944, Marshfield, WI; m. MARY KASS, October 6, 1896, St. Donatus, IA. x. ROSIE TRITZ. xi. JOHN ALBERT TRITZ. xii. CHARLES BORROMEAS TRITZ, b. December 20, 1871; d. August 1963; m. EUGENIA ROSE LESCH, 1899. xiii. ALOYSIUS B. TRITZ, b. April 4, 1875; d. March 18, 1905, St. Louis, MO. 16. NICHOLAS8 TRITZ (ADAM N.7, JEAN (JOHANN BAPTIST)6, ADAM5, PAUL4, LAURENT3, PAUL2, JOST1) was born December 3, 1837 in Tunsdorf, Trier, Germany, and died November 2, 1909. He married CAROLINE KNOLLE May 6, 1863 in St. Donatus, IA, daughter of JOHN KNOLLE and ANNA ADELHAIDE. Children of NICHOLAS TRITZ and CAROLINE KNOLLE are: i. JOHN9 TRITZ, b. May 22, 1864; d. 1866. ii. HERMAN TRITZ, b. October 6, 1865; d. Rochester, MN. iii. ELIZABETH TRITZ, b. July 27, 1868, St. Donatus, IA; d. January 13, 1949, LeMars, IA; m. CLEMENS SCHLIEKELMAN, January 14, 1908, LeMars, IA. iv. MATHIAS TRITZ, b. August 5, 1869; m. LENA WEISGERBER. v. MARIA TRITZ, b. March 16, 1871; d. September 1871. vi. MICHAEL J. TRITZ, b. June 26, 1872; d. August 6, 1941, LeMars, IA. vii. MARIA ANNA TRITZ, b. August 19, 1873; d. 1874. 17. MATHIAS BARTHOLOMEUS8 TRITZ (ADAM N.7, JEAN (JOHANN BAPTIST)6, ADAM5, PAUL4, LAURENT3, PAUL2, JOST1) was born April 13, 1841, and died November 27, 1915. He married MARY BARBARA KASS February 27, 1867, daughter of MARTIN KASS and BARBARA WINKEL. Children of MATHIAS TRITZ and MARY KASS are: i. ADAM ALOYSIUS9 TRITZ, b. St. Donatus, IA; m. MARY CATHERINE KRIER, July 22, 1900, Neptune, IA. ii. JOSEPH MARTIN TRITZ, b. St. Donatus, IA (was an ordained priest). iii. PETER TRITZ, b. 1870; d. 1887. iv. NICHOLAS ALOYSIUS TRITZ, b. St. Donatus, IA. v. CHARLES B. TRITZ, b. January 12, 1873, LeMars, IA; d. July 1943, Humboldt, SD; m. ANNA MARIE WEIDENFELLER, 1893, LeMars, IA. 21. vi. FRANK NICHOLAS TRITZ, b. August 12, 1875; d. October 8, 1951, Remsen, IA. vii. JOHN TRITZ, b. November 8, 1877; m. CLARA ANN KRIER. viii. CLARA TRITZ. ix. MELLITUS ADAM TRITZ, b. January 12, 1886; d. May 27, 1962; m. LORETTA MARY DOYLE, November 19, 1913. 18. JOHN A.8 TRITZ (JOHN7, JEAN (JOHANN BAPTIST)6, ADAM5, PAUL4, LAURENT3, PAUL2, JOST1) was born April 14, 1835 in Luxembourg, Germany, and died October 22, 1895 in St. Donatus, IA. He married MARY AMBROSY January 25, 1859. Children of JOHN TRITZ and MARY AMBROSY are: 22. i. JOHN SEBASTIAN9 TRITZ, (PIC) b. January 18, 1865, St. Donatus, IA; d. October 1, 1947, Dubuque, IA. ii. JOHN TRITZ, b. November 21, 1859, St. Donatus, IA; d. December 9, 1859. iii. MARIA TRITZ, b. March 5, 1861; d. August 5, 1861. iv. MARY TRITZ, (PIC) b. February 13, 1862, IA; d. March 15, 1942. v. JOHN PETER TRITZ, b. January 9, 1863; d. November 30, 1863. vi. NICHOLAS TRITZ, b. April 18, 1866; d. July 1866. vii. PETER TRITZ, b. April 8, 1867; d. May 23, 1867. 23. viii. ELIZABETH TRITZ, (PIC) b. April 16, 1868, St. Donatus, IA; d. March 22, 1957. ix. JACOB TRITZ, b. November 2, 1869, IA; d. August 14, 1870, IA. x. JOHN PETER TRITZ, b. February 18, 1871; d. August 13, 1871. xi. MARGARETHA TRITZ, (PIC) b. September 10, 1872, IA. xii. ANNA MARIA TRITZ, b. May 9, 1875; d. July 4, 1880.

Generation No. 9

19. SUSAN9 TRITZ (JOHN ADAM8, ADAM N.7, JEAN (JOHANN BAPTIST)6, ADAM5, PAUL4, LAURENT3, PAUL2, JOST1). She married NICHOLAS STREFF. Children of SUSAN TRITZ and NICHOLAS STREFF are: i. CLARA10 STREFF. ii. EUGENIA STREFF. iii. CLEMENT STREFF. iv. OTTO STREFF. v. MARY STREFF. vi. CHARLES STREFF. vii. ANN STREFF. viii. ROSIE STREFF. ix. GERTRUDE STREFF. 20. JOHN PETER9 TRITZ (JOHN ADAM8, ADAM N.7, JEAN (JOHANN BAPTIST)6, ADAM5, PAUL4, LAURENT3, PAUL2, JOST1) was born October 30, 1856, and died September 21, 1928. He married CATHERINE HOMAN. Children of JOHN TRITZ and CATHERINE HOMAN are: i. MARY10 TRITZ, b. December 31, 1886, Alton, IA; d. March 28, 1969, St. Paul, MN; m. LESLIE ELMER ELLIS, January 14, 1930. ii. SYLVESTER TRITZ, b. March 16, 1888; d. December 27, 1951; m. PAULINE JOANING, February 23, 1914. iii. ELIZABETH K. TRITZ, b. June 18, 1890; d. October 4, 1978, Dumont, MN. iv. VINCENT ADAM TRITZ, b. February 8, 1891, Alton, Sioux Co., IA; d. January 3, 1966; m. ANNA T. KING, April 12, 1928, Collins, MN. v. BERTHA TRITZ, b. August 14, 1892; m. JOSEPH LEROY LYNCH, May 26, 1919. vi. SERAPHINE "SARA" TRITZ, b. January 19, 1895, Alton, IA; d. February 8, 1970, St. Cloud, Stearns Co., MN; m. OTTO FRIEBE, February 10, 1920. vii. HILDEGARD TRITZ, b. April 11, 1898; d. September 4, 1898. viii. EDMUND TRITZ, b. May 19, 1901, Alton, IA; d. March 8, 1918, St. Cloud, Stearns Co., MN. 21. FRANK NICHOLAS9 TRITZ (MATHIAS BARTHOLOMEUS8, ADAM N.7, JEAN (JOHANN BAPTIST)6, ADAM5, PAUL4, LAURENT3, PAUL2, JOST1) was born August 12, 1875, and died October 8, 1951 in Remsen, IA. He married ELIZABETH WENNER September 27, 1898 in St. Marys, Remsen, IA, daughter of HENRY WENNER and ANNA FABER. Children of FRANK TRITZ and ELIZABETH WENNER are: i. HARRY JOSEPH10 TRITZ, b. April 25, 1900, LeMars, IA; d. June 11, 1956; m. LUCY AMANDA OHLENDORF, June 30, 1927, Remsen, IA. ii. RAYMOND MATHIAS TRITZ, b. August 21, 1901, LeMars, IA; d. November 20, 1983; m. ELIZABETH V. HATZ. iii. BOY TRITZ. iv. GIRL TRITZ. v. CYRUS TRITZ, b. 1907; d. 1911. vi. JOSEPH CYRIL TRITZ, b. February 20, 1911; d. April 9, 1989, Remsen, IA; m. AGNES HEISSEL. vii. GIRL TRITZ. viii. BOY TRITZ. 22. JOHN SEBASTIAN9 TRITZ (JOHN A.8, JOHN7, JEAN (JOHANN BAPTIST)6, ADAM5, PAUL4, LAURENT3, PAUL2, JOST1) was born January 18, 1865 in St. Donatus, IA, and died October 1, 1947 in Dubuque, IA. He married MAGDALENA KIRPES October 18, 1887 in St. Donatus, IA, daughter of JOHANNE KIRPES and CATHERINE LOEWEN. Children of JOHN TRITZ and MAGDALENA KIRPES (PIC) are: i. CLARA10 TRITZ, (PIC) b. August 31, 1888, St. Donatus, IA; d. November 24, 1918; m. JOHN PETER KEMP. ii. PETER TRITZ, b. July 6, 1890; d. November 17, 1914, St. Donatus, IA. iii. ALBERT CHARLES TRITZ, (PIC) b. November 16, 1891, St. Donatus, IA; d. November 22, 1974, Portage, WI; m. ANNA THIELEN, January 11, 1916. iv. DOROTHEA TRITZ, (PIC) b. February 1, 1893, St. Donatus, IA; d. March 7, 1990, Dubuque, IA; m. FRANK GOETZ. v. BENEDICT NICHOLAS TRITZ, (PIC) b. July 29, 1894, St. Donatus, IA; d. October 15, 1989, Marshfield, WI; m. SUSAN MARY THIELEN, February 18, 1919, St. Donatus, IA. vi. GENEVIEVE MARIA TRITZ, (PIC) b. January 15, 1896, St. Donatus, IA; d. March 14, 1976, Dubuque, IA; m. THEODORE JOHN KONZEN. vii. SOPHIA MARIA TRITZ, (PIC) b. February 20, 1897, St. Donatus, IA; d. February 1, 1991; m. WILLIAM THIELEN, August 16, 1919. viii. JOHN CLEMENS TRITZ IV, (PIC) b. August 19, 1898, St. Donatus, IA; d. May 9, 1983, St. Donatus, IA; m. AGNES MORETT, October 25, 1927, St. Donatus, IA. ix. FRANK SEBASTIAN TRITZ, (PIC) b. March 3, 1900, St. Donatus, IA; d. October 31, 1978, Sterling, IL; m. (1) ANNA MARIE LYONS, February 22, 1927, St. Paul, MN; m. (2) GENEVIEVE MCCUE, February 10, 1945. x. MARIE CLARA TRITZ, (PIC) b. November 3, 1901, St. Donatus, IA; d. February 7, 1989; m. ROYAL KESSLER. xi. JOSEPH PETER TRITZ, (PIC) b. March 14, 1903, St. Donatus, IA; d. July 11, 1986, Round Lake, IL; m. MYRTLE BISANG. xii. VALERIA CHRISTINE TRITZ, (PIC) b. January 16, 1905, St. Donatus, IA; d. October 18, 1987, Dubuque, IA; m. PATRICK KEARNS. xiii. URSULA DOROTHEA TRITZ, (PIC) b. November 18, 1906, St. Donatus, IA; d. December 10, 1993; m. CLETUS HUBER. 23. ELIZABETH9 TRITZ (JOHN A.8, JOHN7, JEAN (JOHANN BAPTIST)6, ADAM5, PAUL4, LAURENT3, PAUL2, JOST1) was born April 16, 1868 in St. Donatus, IA, and died March 22, 1957. She married JOHN KIRPES, son of JOHANNE KIRPES and CATHERINE LOEWEN. Children of ELIZABETH TRITZ and JOHN KIRPES are: i. MARGARET10 KIRPES, m. CHARLES KROL. ii. NICHOLAS KIRPES, b. 1889; d. 1957; m. EVA MILLER. iii. TED KIRPES, m. MARY STRONG. iv. JULIA KIRPES, m. JOSEPH STARK. v. ELIZABETH KIRPES, m. MATTHIAS HADALLER. vi. JACOB KIRPES, m. ROSE STRONG. vii. KATE KIRPES, m. JOSEPH BERGER. viii. JOSEPHINE KIRPES, m. WILLIAM HADALLER. ix. MINNIE KIRPES, m. ALOYSIUS HADALLER. x. ANN KIRPES, m. OTTO HADALLER. xi. JOSEPH KIRPES, m. BERTHA STARK. xii. MARY KIRPES, m. HERMAN MAUGHAN. xiii. GERTRUDE KIRPES, m. LAWRENCE HADALLER. xiv. JOHN KIRPES, m. ROSE TOPPING. xv. SOPHIA KIRPES, b. died as infant. ** I would like to thank Hal Tritz for allowing me to post his research along with mine. He has worked very hard and I know every Tritz family member appreciates this as much as I do. If anyone wishes to reach Hal, his e-mail is listed in the "Other Researchers" section on my homepage. **