Surname Index

is now a Search Engine!


The index has been replaced by a "Search Engine" that is located on our home page.
It's a most helpful tool and is considered a "must have" on all genealogy web sites.
We hope you don't mind that the surname index is no longer maintained.
Our new search engine makes it much easier to update our pages.

Instructions:  Enter the the name any way you wish - example: "Todd, Ferdnand" or
"Ferdnand Todd." The results will be the same, any page within Genealogy Park
that has the name "Ferdnand" and "Todd" listed will show on the results.

Note:  Please keep in mind that search engines do not make the determination
that the person "Ferdnand Todd" is listed on the page, just that a "Ferdnand"
and a "Todd" name is listed. This is the only drawback we have found.

Also:  After your search is complete and you click on one of the result pages, please use
the "EDIT" and "FIND" functions on your browser to find the name within the page.

If you wish to add your very own custom search engine to your web
site, just visit: The Beseen Team (a LookSmart Service) at for directions.
If you made it this far, thanks for listening!